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Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas 2024 | Wall Panelling Inspo

Contemporary slat wall and marble wall panels in bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, most of us only have one or two bathrooms in our property!

So making sure that the bathrooms look and feel good, as well as sanitary and moisture-resistant are paramount!

British bathrooms also tend to be small, on average the size of a king sized bed! But by using bathroom wall panelling, you can make the most of such a small space. Read on to learn more.

Whether you want to create a spa-like bathroom with warm lighting and slat wall panels, a modern-futuristic retreat with  3D panelling or a traditional abode with handcrafted panel mouldings.

Be inspired by this collection of  bathroom wall panelling ideas to elevate the ambience and gravitas of your bathroom.

1. Modern Contemporary

Contemporary slat wall and marble wall panels in bathroom

A striking composition that exudes both warmth and timeless elegance. Seamlessly merging 70s-inspired  wooden slat wall panels with marble panelling. This design offers a spa-like bath experience and the shower draws inspiration from the ambience of a Turkish bathhouse. This aesthetic is best for spaces with lots of natural light or with full spectrum lighting coverage.

2. Herringbone Neutrality

Herringbone style PVC wall panels

With contrasting shades, these Herringbone panels are perfect for a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Best suited for a neutral palette with lots of lighter hues. Herringbone wall panel sections add weight to a wall when spaced apart. The unique diagonal shaping provides structure to a room and ties in the inconspicuous features together, bringing them out of the shadows.

3. Cosy Half Wall Panelling

Cosy traditional bathroom with panel moulding

A cosy option for  smaller spacesHalf wall panelling is a traditional style that complements traditional elements. Utilising panel mouldings topped by dado rails, and with a satin paint finish. (Opt for a gloss finish for extra moisture resistant properties.).This theme features earth and tan colours with natural fabrics and wooden panelling. A warm light complements the natural colours and creates a welcoming atmosphere. A room like this needs a plant, the bigger the better.

4. Hexagonal Rustic Urban

Urban farmhouse fusion bathroom wall panelling

Urban aesthetic meets farmhouse with this  bathroom. Rustic wood panels are the main feature, hosting a mirror with LED lighting and integrated washbasin storage. A hexagonal  panelled shower wall contrasts from the rustic wood panels and creates an interesting fusion of old and new. Every aspect of this design holds its own prestige and carries its own personality.

5. Marble Everywhere

All marble panelled bathroom

It's marble, and it's everywhere. Bright lights and sharp colours are the life of this room. With total light coverage, every shadow is eliminated and every surface is illuminated. Chrome elements on the shower screen and faucets bounce the light around the room to achieve a sparkling intensity. This room has excellent moisture resistant properties and competes with the city of Carrara in Italy in marble. But you won't have to pay a fortune by choosing acrylic marble wall panels.

6. Jacobean Half Wall

Jacobean bathroom half wall panelling

Jacobean wall panelling is overlayed and integrated into these coconut husk walls, little contrast is given between the wall surface and wall panelling. This aesthetic opts for a seamless transition, offering contrast with skirting and architraves instead. Traditional elements are prominent with the mini chandelier and chrome faucets. This design offers a lot of free space and freedom to experiment.

7. Brutalist Bathroom

Brutalist interior architecture with panelling

This bathroom has nothing and everything. With extra large, unpainted, undecorated  concrete panels on the walls and flooring, take inspiration if you want a retreat where you can clear your thoughts. Little colour is offered, leaving plenty of space for imagination. If you desire more colour or decoration, this design can act as a blank canvas for your creativity.

8. 3D Wall Panelling

Pop out 3D bathroom wall panels

Immersive futurism is the theme here, with 3D pop out wall panelling. These panels steal all the attention, giving your walls more attention than they deserve. Abstract decorations and art are welcome in this aesthetic to offer depth and character to the room. Bear in mind, 3D wall panelling requires more maintenance and a lot more dusting, due to the increased surface area and edges. 

9. Sleek Trapezoid Wall Panels

Trapezoid wall panels in a bathroom

Sleek and contemporary defines these bathroom wall panels. The elements of this bathroom offer symmetry, with floating mirrors and a dual wash basin. The interlocked trapezoid shaped panels create chemistry and interest in what would otherwise be a quite boring and bland minimalist aesthetic. Matte finishes are the key here, by avoiding gloss and its sheen, the room has a distraction free, sanitised and sleek vibe.

10. Natural Stone Wall Panels

Natural stone wall panels with wooden features

Natural stone and stained wood feature heavily in this bathroom. Inspired by nature, this bathroom achieves a careful balance with wooden panels for the shower wall and natural stone panels for the main area. The wood is best stained to bring out the darker grains to match the streaks in the stone panelling. The laminate flooring offers moisture resistant properties, making it suitable for a bathroom and creating a unique aesthetic, as bathroom floors most commonly use tiles.

Get Panelling!

Wall panelling can add sophistication to any bathroom. There are many different styles of  wall panels to choose from, so you can find one that suits your taste. Wall panelling can help to create a focal point in your bathroom, or it can be used to add texture and interest to a plain wall. Wall panelling is a relatively easy way to update your bathroom, and it can add value to your home.

Here are some of the key benefits of wall panelling:

  • It can help to create a focal point in your bathroom.
  • It can be used to add texture and interest to a plain wall.
  • It is a relatively easy way to update your bathroom.
  • It can add value to your home.