Tile Effect Wall Panels

New & Innovative Interlocking System - No Grout Required

Tile Effect Wall Panels present a practical alternative to traditional tiling. Made from high-grade PVC, these panels are completely waterproof, making them ideal for shower walls, kitchen splashbacks, and other high-moisture areas. With a new and innovative interlocking system which makes installation simple and streamlined, and eliminates any need for grouting, significantly reducing upkeep, dust and debris.

Our PVC panels precisely mimic the natural aggregate, variegated and sandblasted finishes of ceramic, stone and marble tiles, offering a range of aesthetic choices without the expense and complexity of natural materials. The smart choice for stylish British interiors!

Don't miss the Honeycomb Large Grey Tile Panelling, the authentic streaked pattern combined with its Grande size, grants bathrooms unparalleled luxury and style rarely found in British properties.

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