3D Wall Panels

 See & Touch 3D Panelling - Made With Natural Materials 

Bring architectural shape and dimension to your interior walls with our curated selection of 3D wall panelling. Break past the boundaries of height and width, to explore depth. Opening up the possibilities to interplay shadows and contours on your walls.

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Each 3D wall panel engages the aesthetical perception of rooms with geometric design proportions and intricately modelled shapes which project out and recess inwards from the walls surface, mimicking the natural augmentations of stone, anthracite, brick and wood.

Made from PVC, MDF composites and real wood veneers, our panels offer tactile quality that not only lets you see, but touch and feel the stunning designs too.

You can also exploit the soundscape of your environment, with our slat wall panels, offering superior acoustic properties with soundproofing felt behind the real wood veneer.