Oxford Classic MDF Wall Panelling Kit

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Bring distinguished style to your space with the Oxford Classic MDF Wall Panelling Kit.

This traditional panelling features panel moulding arranged in stately columns. Each column consists of a square recessed panel on bottom topped by an elongated rectangular recess.

The formal structure of the Oxford Classic Wall Panelling provides geometric balance and a measured approach to wall panelling. Extending from floor to ceiling, the Oxford Panelling Kit envelops your walls in heritage charm. Ideal for studies, sitting rooms and dining spaces, this timeless panelling lends walls gravitas and weight without visual clutter.

The Oxford Wall Panelling Kit arrives pre-cut to length - it's as simple as cutting the mitres and sticking the lengths to the wall!

Finishes available:

  • Unprimed - raw MDF finish, no primer or paint applied whatsoever
  • Primed - single layer of primer is applied and sanded
  • Undercoated - a single layer of primer is applied and sanded, then a single layer of undercoat is applied and sanded (just needs your final top coat)
  • Matt Grey - the boards are treated as our undercoated option, then our Matt Grey finish is applied to the board (ready to fit, no top coat required)

Included in the kit:

Purchasing 1 of these panelling kits will enable you to cover an approx. area of 7.2 square metres (H - 2.4m, W - 3m) provided you use similar measurements and layout to our guide picture.

All lengths are supplied completely square and feature no angled cuts - this must be done upon installation if required.