Slat Wall Panel (Acoustic Black Oak)

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Our Slat Wall Panel in the stunning Black Oak finish really sets off a room.

The Black Oak finish is dark and striking - it's a sure fire way to make sure it stands out on your walls! The black is deep and rich whilst still allowing the wood grain to show itself delivering a high end look.

It's our darkest acoustic slat wall panel - it's designed to be striking and create a statement.

MDF strips with a real wood veneer are fixed to a soundproofing felt enabling a high quality look and feel as well as helping to dampen reverberation and echos within the room.

The slats instantly create a 3D texture upon the walls - a decorative finish to really set off your room.

Don't fret - both normal household interiors as well as retail environments can benefit from the sleek finish these panels offer.

If the room gets hours of sunlight, the light will catch the slats differently throughout the day adding depth to the panels by way of shadows.

With our ultra modern Black Oak colourway, you have 2 different styles to choose from:

Marcato - all slats are equal size so that the whole panel looks uniform in nature. Each slat is 26mm wide and 10mm thick and span the whole length of the wall panel. The gaps between the slats are 14mm - this is also true when you join panels together to keep consistency across the wall.

Tremolo - the slats on this style vary between 18mm and 38mm wide which offers a less uniform finish and stands out against the ordinary. They are all 10mm thick and span the entire length of the wall panel. The gaps are also 14mm between the slats including when you join panels together for longer stretches.

On both styles, the slats are fitted upon an acoustic felt backing that is 8mm thick. Made with quality in mind, this material helps to absorb sounds and improve the acoustics of the room.

All of our acoustic wall panels are constructed in such a way that enables a seamless finish with no visible joins. A 3mm to 5mm overlap enables this.


These acoustic wall panels are super easy to fit. They can be secured to flat walls with pins, screws or simply a strong, quick bonding adhesive.

Cutting is required if your walls are smaller than the length of the panel (2420mm). However, the panels can be cut easily with the correct tools.

Once the first panel is in place and secure, the subsequent panels simply sit alongside the next (overlaps on the ends of the panels make this even easier).

Most customers will install these panels vertically (as seen in the majority of images). However, there's no reason why you cannot install them horizontally for a more unique final finish!

You can also install them to ceilings as well as walls - utilising both would create a jaw dropping effect for yourself and visitors.


  • UK stock (free & fast delivery available)
  • Residential and commercial application
  • Superior backing felt and slat materials used
  • Quickest and easiest installation vs. other wall panelling options
  • Each panel will cover 1.45 square metres


  • Sound absorbing felt backing panel (polypropylene felt / 8mm thick / acoustic properties)
  • Real wood veneered MDF (10mm thick / ability to be oiled if required / 18mm to 38mm in width)
  • Wall panel size: 600mm (w) x 2420mm (h) x 18mm (t)
  • Wall panel weight: 10kg (approximate)