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Gaming Wall Panels Ideas | 3D Panelling Set Up | Acoustic Panels

Gaming set up with white brick wall panelling

Gaming Wall Panels

Ordinary walls don't belong in a gaming room, the technical properties, aesthetic and vibe demands more!

Wall panels are the go-to solution for achieving the technical requirements and elite aesthetic of gaming rooms without significant renovations.

Keep reading to learn which type of panelling you need along with inspiration & ideas.

Choosing Gaming Room Wall Panels

Consider the following when choosing wall panels for your gaming room.

Acoustic Properties: Assess if your space needs improved sound quality. Opt for panels with acoustic features; our slat wall panels are tailored for this purpose.

Material: The material of the panel impacts durability and aesthetics. Wood panels provide a natural, authentic look but may be susceptible to moisture. On the other hand, PVC panels are waterproof but lack the same authentic finish.

Aesthetic Appeal: Determine if you want to create a themed gaming room. Choose a style that complements your setup. Don't choose a design that's overly distracting, gaming rooms are about focus and zoning in.

Integrated Features: Some panels come with built-in LED lighting and cable management systems.

Compatibility: Ensure that the panels integrate well with your gaming setup without obstructing access to peripherals and sockets.

Creating Backdrops For Streaming

Extend the following design principles of your space to your backdrop.

Consistent Theme: Maintain coherence with your chosen theme, whether its a contemporary urban vibe or rustic and rugged, ensure that your streaming backdrop aligns with this aesthetic for a seamless transition between your physical and virtual spaces.

Visual Synergy: Select backdrop elements that visually complement the texture, colour, and design of your wall panels. Harmonising these aspects will create a unified visual experience that enhances the overall ambiance of your streaming environment. Wall decor is a big part of panelling, and you can hang items onto or accessorise your wall panels.

Brand Representation: Utilise the backdrop as an opportunity to reinforce your personal brand or channel identity. Incorporate logos, colours, or graphics that reflect your brand message, thereby establishing a recognisable and memorable visual identity for your stream. Wall panelling is ideal for this as you don't have to drill or work into your wall, and only onto the panelling.

Functional Integration: Ensure that the backdrop not only enhances aesthetics but also serves practical streaming requirements. Consider factors such as lighting placement, camera angles, and space for additional equipment to optimise the functionality of your streaming setup. Bright glossy wall panelling can reflect light back to the camera, whereas matte finish panelling will absorb light.

Gaming Wall Panel Ideas 

3D LED Panels

Modular 3D panels are functional and act as a statement piece for your gaming backdrop. Consider wiring and cable management.

3D LED Wall Panels on Gaming Set-Up

White Brick Wall Panels

White brick effect panelling is a popular choice for gaming rooms, it's not too flashy or too boring, and offers a neutral aesthetic for all types of set ups.

Gaming Room Set-Up with White Brick Wall Panels

Wooden Wall Panelling

If you're after a rustic feel, panel an accent wall with some wooden slats. Choosing the wall behind your main screen is best.

Gaming Room Wooden Wall Panelling

Slat Wall Panelling 

Envision your setup in front of  floor to ceiling slat wall panels, enhanced with acoustic felt for reductions in echoes and clearer sound. This is functional and stylish.

Slat Wall Panelling Gaming Room

Red Rustic Brick

Brick effect is the rage for modern interiors, gaming and entertainments rooms gain an urban, industrial look with these panels.

Red Brick Panelling Entertainment Room

Uniquely Oriented Wooden Panels

The  wooden panels shown below break past the boundaries of straight lines and embrace irregularity. Simply cut a wooden panel at an angle and fit to the wall for this unique look, and it's much easier to achieve than it seems.

Unique Wooden Gaming Panels

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are all about function, these highly technical panels act to manipulate sound in your gaming room in your favour, this one's for serious gamers.

Sound Gaming Panels

3D Transparent Ribbed Glass Panels

You won't come across panels like this very often, the transparent panels are installed over painted walls, and the ribbed glass/pvc takes the colour through refraction and holographic effects to produce a unique and vibrant finish. Choose holographic panels stand out from the crowd.

Hue Slat Reflective Gaming Panels

Gypsum 3D Panels

Gypsum is tough and durable and can be moulded into intricate flowing designs. These panels offer a clean and modern finish.

Gypsum 3D Gaming Panels

Black Geometric Panelling

Accented with LED strip lighting,  black geometric panelling is great for achieving a closed in, focused environment for gaming. They particularly complement wood accents and black ceilings.

High-Tech Gaming Black Panels

Rugged Brick Panelling

This is a neutral and urban aesthetic, great for using as a canvas for wall decor in your gaming room.

Rugged Brick Panelling in Gaming Room

Hexagon Panelling

Hexagon panelling is a popular choice, you can experiment with colourful streaks to bring life to your walls.

Colourful Hexagon 3D Wall Panels

Circular 3D Panels

PVC panels with circular moulded indentations are another popular choice, opt for a small backdrop behind your setup or floor to ceiling to a pronounced look.

Circular 3D Gaming Panels

Concrete and Slat Wall Panels

If you can't decide between slat walls and  concrete, choose both. This is a great way to achieve an urban, brutalistic feel with the modern touch and acoustic benefits of slat wall panels.

Concrete and Slat Wall Gaming Room