Posted by Wall Panels World on 10th May 2024

Living Room Wall Panelling Ideas 2024 | Panelling Inspo

Acoustic slat wall panels installed on an interior wall

Wall panelling is a timeless and classic interior design choice that can add character and style to any living room. While it may seem like a daunting project, wall panelling is actually a simple and easy way to elevate any space.

So, if you're looking for inspiration and ideas, read on for some of the best ways to incorporate  wall panelling into your living room.

1. Half wall panel wainscoting

This living room features lower wall panelling in a classic panel wainscoting style, with a warm brown tone. The wainscoting is topped by a dado rail, adding definition and structure to the space. The natural tones and abstract artwork throughout the room create a serene and calming atmosphere. The lighting is focused and intentional, creating a sense of intimacy and cosiness.

2. Flat panel wainscoting in grey

This living room features a transitional design, balancing modern and classic elements. The shaker style half wall panelling in grey (a rectangular take on our offering online), complete with an integrated shelf, creates a stylish, yet warm and cosy atmosphere. The natural light and neutral tones throughout the space add a touch of light and airiness, while the potted plants bring the outdoors inside.

3. Slat wall and wood panels combination

The slat wall panels and wooden panels are the central feature of the room, adding both visual interest and a sense of warmth. The clean lines and natural tones create a harmonious and understated elegance, while the smooth surfaces and carefully considered arrangement lend a feeling of refinement. The wall panelling is a subtle yet impactful element, bringing together the room in a cohesive whole.

4. Floor to ceiling panel wainscoting

Plenty is left to imagination with this blank canvas. This space features floor to ceiling classic panel moulding, This space lends the walls plenty of attention with columns of wainscoting. The theme of the room is light and airy, benefitting from an abundance of natural light. A marble fireplace is the centrepiece which ties everything together, anchoring the space and drawing eyes to the centre of the room.

5. Full wall slat wall panels

The slat wall panelling is risen to the ceiling, creating a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere. The room is bathed in focused light from the abstract lamp, casting bold shadows and adding a touch of drama. The overall effect is both business-like and creative, with a hint of edge and boldness. It feels like a space for visionaries and innovators, somewhere to think outside the box.

6. Symmetrical panel wainscoting

The room is a blank canvas, its symmetry evoking a sense of peace and possibility. The walls are a study in geometry, with the horizontal panel in the centre like a foundation, and the vertical panels like pillars of strength. It's a space that could be anything you imagine, from a home to an office, with endless potential.

7. Slat wall panels combined with concrete wall panels

The slat wall panels in this room add a sense of natural warmth to the room, their wood grain creating subtle patterns in the light. The concrete wall, by contrast, feels cool and smooth, its solidity anchoring the space. Together, they create a perfect balance of textures, colours, and light, with the concrete adding a modern touch to the traditional warmth of the slat wall panels. The room is a harmonious blend of styles and materials, coming together to create a calming oasis.

8. Vibrant orange wall panelling

This room is unlike any other - it's a standout space that's both stylish and fun. The dark orange walls add drama, while the light orange furniture provides a playful contrast. The panel wainscoting adds an element of quirkiness, and the whole room feels like a cosy oasis with a slightly funky twist.