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Shaker Wall Panelling Calculator

Shaker Wall Panelling Terminology Guide

Shaker Wall Panelling Calculator Guide

Canvas Controls

Desktop Controls:

  • Rotate: Click and drag with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom: Use the scroll wheel.
  • Pan: Click and drag with the right mouse button.

Mobile Controls:

  • Rotate: Touch and drag with one finger.
  • Zoom: Pinch with two fingers.
  • Pan: Touch and drag with two fingers.

Step 1: Input Wall Dimensions

Enter the height and width of your wall in centimetres. This sets the foundation for your design.

Step 2: Set Batten Width

Specify the width of the battens (vertical strips) in centimetres. This determines the spacing between each batten.

Step 3: Define Stile and Rail Counts

Enter the number of stiles (vertical divisions) and rails (horizontal divisions) you want. By default, there are two rails and two stiles, these frame the wall.

Step 4: Specify Skirting Height

Input the height of the skirting board in centimetres. This is the baseboard at the bottom of your wall. If you are not using one, you can set the height to 0 to remove it. The bottom rail will remain.

Step 5: Visualise Your Design

Your design will be visualised in the canvas area in real time as you design. Adjust the dimensions as needed to refine your design.

Step 6: Add Obstructions (Optional)

If there are any obstructions (like windows, sockets or doors), click "+ Obstruction" and enter the details. You can specify the position and size of each obstruction.

Step 7: Toggle Measurements and Obstructions

Use the "Hide Measurements" and "Hide Obstructions" buttons to toggle the visibility of these elements in your visualisation.

Step 8: Save Your Plan

Once you're satisfied with your design, click "Save Plan" to download an image of your wall panelling plan. You can also screenshot the visualisation.


  • Ensure all dimensions are entered correctly for an accurate visualisation.
  • Adjust the number of stiles and rails to achieve your desired aesthetic.
  • Use the visualisation to identify and adjust any potential issues with your design.

Happy Designing!

How to Install Shaker/Square Wall Panelling

What is a Stile?

Stiles in Shaker or Square Wall Panelling refer to the vertical strips that form part of the panel framework. They run the full height of the panelling, except for the areas covered by the top and bottom rails.

What is a Rail?

Rails in Shaker or Square Wall Panelling are the horizontal strips that complete the framework. The top and bottom rails span the full width, while the inner rails are divided by the vertical stiles.

Shaker Wall Panelling

Shaker wall panelling is characterised by its grid-like layout of square or rectangular panels. This design remains a popular choice for modern interiors due to its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.

What is Shaker Wall Panelling?

  • It consists of vertical (stiles) and horizontal (rails) framing members that form a grid, holding square or rectangular panels.
  • Traditionally crafted from solid wood for durability and a natural aesthetic.
  • Features clean lines and minimalistic profiles, emphasising order and visual balance.

Benefits of Shaker Wall Panelling

  • Adds texture and dimension to flat walls, enhancing visual interest.
  • Improves acoustics by absorbing sound, creating a quieter environment.
  • Conceals imperfections in the wall surface.
  • Offers versatility, adapting to various room types and styles.

Modern Interpretations

  • Colour palettes expand beyond white, with soft hues like grey, sage green, or blush adding personality.
  • Material variations like metal accents or wood with contrasting textures offer a modern edge.
  • Custom details like decorative profiles, unique panel arrangements, and playful hardware personalise the design.


  • Panel size and layout should be chosen to suit the space and desired visual effect.
  • Solid wood construction can be an investment, and alternative materials are available.
  • Installation may require carpentry skills or professional assistance.

Shaker wall panelling adds timeless elegance and functionality to various spaces. Its versatility and adaptability make it a practical choice for homeowners and designers seeking a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.