Slatted Wall Panels

 Enhanced With Acoustic Felt Backing For Sound Absorption 

Browse our Slatted Wall Panel range, available in premium wooden Walnut, Oak and Ash finishes with superior acoustic properties. They offer both aesthetic prestige and acoustic optimisation in commercial and residential properties. These panels are ideal for enhancing the acoustics in home theatres, gaming and music rooms, or open-plan offices. The precision-engineered slats ensure consistent sound absorption, reducing echo for a more comfortable auditory experience. They are also designed for ease of cleaning with smooth wood veneered finishes to resist dust accumulation. 

On each slat wall panel, choose from either a Marcato build - for symmetrical 26mm wide slats, creating evenly staggered shadows under natural lighting. Or choose a Tremolo build - for varied slat sizing between 18mm to 38mm wide, to embrace the less-ordinary yet intriguing showcase of asymmetrical depth on your walls.

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