Waterproof Natural Oak 3D Slat Wall Panel

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You're looking at our Natural Oak 3D Slat Wall Panel.

Transform your space in an instant with our lightweight yet durable slat panels. Because they're waterproof, installing them in your bathroom is no problem!**

Even though they're not felt backed, these slat wall panels can still help to soundproof a room and eliminate echos and reverberation when installed in larger spaces.

Installation couldn't be more simple. Using a sharp saw or jigsaw, you can easily cut these panels to the required size. They can then be mounted quickly using strong adhesive (smooth, flat walls) or screws and pins.

You can choose between 2 designs (you can view these in the images above):

  • Large Slat (3 wider slats per panel)
  • Small Slat (5 thinner slats per panel)


Panel Width: 122mm
Panel Thickness: 12mm
Panel Length: 2600mm

**Slat wall panels are waterproof, but not water tight. Can be installed in high moisture areas but not in direct contact with water.