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An MDF Wall Panelling Kit is one of the simplest ways to create a traditional wall panelling look within your home or business.

It covers approximately 2.8 metres in length and around 1 metre in height (depending on the options you choose). It's really easy to add depth and character to any space using this panelling kit.

Our handy fitting guide will have you installing it in no time. You won't find any wall panelling kits easier to fit than ours!

Each square panel is 600mm x 600mm if you install it as pictured on our website. However, many of our customers choose to use these materials as the foundation of their own unique stunning design.

A backing sheet is available as an optional extra – an ideal solution for fitting wall panelling on an uneven, less than perfect surface. You may need to cut the sheet to size to suit your needs (be aware that using a backing sheet will make the panelling sit an additional 9mm proud of the wall).

Please note that opting for backing sheet will create a join along the top of the wall panelling between the sheet and the dado rail. Filling and sanding will be required to ensure a smooth and flush finish along the top edge.

The images of the panelling kit on this page feature 324 as the design for the skirting board and dado rail (1 image features Inset Wall Panel Moulding and the other features 324 Wall Panel Moulding).

This panel is not ready made - all items are separate and require cutting to size and fixing together once received.

The following items are included when you choose to order a quantity of 1:

Please note: you won't receive skirting board, dado rail or MDF backing sheets if you choose 'not required' in the drop down.

MDF Skirting Board
1 length @ 145mm x 25mm x 3050mm
Design: 324 MDF Skirting Board

MDF Dado Rail
1 length @ 60mm x 25mm x 3050mm
Design: 324 MDF Dado Rail

Square MDF Panelling
3 lengths @ 95mm x 9mm x 3050mm
Design: Square MDF Panel Strips

MDF Wall Panel Moulding (choose 324 or Inset design)
324 MDF Wall Panel Moulding: 4 lengths @ 30mm x 16mm x 2440mm (image above)
Inset MDF Wall Panel Moulding: 4 lengths @ 20mm x 9mm x 2440mm (image above)

MDF Backing Sheet
1 sheet which is 9mm thick, 1220mm wide and 3050mm long

We can also offer bespoke variations of this product - just contact us to discuss further.

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